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A legend team from PKU

EOSLEGENDPKU is a team committed to working on Blockchain software architecture (EOS) in terms of development of DApp. As loyal supporters and followers of EOS, our first product aims to offer customers a solution through the block chain technology to build an economical E-commerce system. Besides, we provide channels of purchasing high-quality products with lower cost.


All the team members of EOSLEGENDPKU graduated from the Peking University. We believed, with the supports of resources from the Peking University and the effort of our staff, we will have a prospective future of EOS on practical application.

Sun, graduate from Peking University at 2014. Senior software Engineer at Baidu,Co-Founder of HK Zmall trading Company.

Gavin,graduate from Peking University at 2014,Senior software Engineer at IBM, a expert at data mining.

YongHe,graduate form Peking University at 2011, a expert at E-commerce, the founder of Dragon Incubator Company

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